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       Free life the pursuit of each person ,and "free lifeachievent"is the true feeling that KANNOR sanitary wares hope to give the users.
       Kaen porcelain Co,Ltdfollows the working way that Basing on human ,Sicentfic &Innovative,Winning by quality,Customer the highest ,spares no effort to create the fine managing benefit.Since the establishment of company,relying on the most advanced equipment ,taking the strict testing method as guarantee,our new products are being produced continuously and each product is made meticulously we offer the excellent individualized service to make you, who pursue different styles of life,feel the exquisiteness of KANNOR sanitary wares.Except for our creation of art-like products invironmental-protection is used into our product design,steng then the breakthroug of water-saving technology,and we have obtained the certificate of green environment protection fo China.
       In the future days,we together with you will create the free and sweet bathroom space and the delight lf free life .Anew life will begin from KANNOR.